Progressive Mystery Jackpot has been launched!

We are glad to announce that we’ve launched our long waited Progressive Mystery Jackpot campaign!

Cryptoloots players can now win a large chunk of EOS at random just by playing games using the Cryptoloots referral links. At the bottom of each dapp page you will be able to see how you can trigger the jackpot and it will be different for each game.

The Mystery Jackpot works as follow:

  • At launch the jackpot starts at 50 EOS and will grow.
  • Play an eligible game using Cryptoloots referral link.
  • Depending on the game you are playing, the Mystery Jackpot can trigger at any time on certain conditions. Conditions will be specified at the bottom of each dapp page.
  • 80% of the jackpot is credited to your EOS account instantly. 20% stays to seed the next jackpot.

Right now the games Dark Town and Prospectors are eligible for the Progressive Mystery Jackpot but many more games will be added shortly. Below you can find the conditions how to trigger the jackpot for the games. Note that you don’t have to meet all conditions to trigger the jackpot, simply one is enough and you can try unlimited amount of times. Each time you meet one condition you get a new attempt to trigger the jackpot.

Following games are eligible for Progressive Mystery Jackpot and can be triggered with following conditions:

Dark Town (referral link)

  • Make an in-app purchase using EOS.
  • Reach level 15.

Prospectors (referral link)

  • Paying tax for sold goods/real estate.
  • Paying tax for salary.
  • Paying tax for payments.

Dice (referral link)

  • Wager at ANY GAME using ANY TOKEN at

EOSreel (referral link)

  • Wager at ANY GAME using ANY TOKEN at

PokerKing (referral link)

  • Every hand you play (win or lose) where you put money in the pot.

SportBet (referral link)

  • Every time one of your bet has been settled.

LuckyClover (referral link)

  • Wager at ANY GAME using ANY TOKEN at

Again, it’s very important that you have used our referral links to be eligible otherwise the jackpot will not be able to trigger. Please feel free to join our telegram as well to stay updated with newest information.

Happy grinding!