Getting Started In 3 Steps And Start Making Money

If you are new to blockchain gaming and know nothing about cryptocurrenices, we would like to make this very easy for you to start. With 3 simple steps you will be able to start playing blockchain games and earn money.

Step 1 – Make An EOS Account

The games at the moment we are promoting (except for some ads) all run on the EOS blockchain which is an application platform similar to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platform. For most blockchain games on our site you will need your own EOS account.

If you intend to play from your desktop computer you can buy an EOS account from the following sites below:

EOS Name Service (Special offer! Custom name from 5$. Pay with credit card, PayPal or EOS)

EOS Account Creator (Costs 6-$10. Pay with EOS or credit card)

If you intend to play from your mobile you can download one the EOS wallet apps below and buy an account directly from the app:

Download TokenPocket wallet

Download Lynx wallet

Download Meet.One wallet

Step 2 – Interacting With The Blockchain Games

Some games can be played both from mobile and desktop browser. Here we will guide you  depending on your preference.

Playing from your desktop computer

If you intend to play mobiles games from your computer we recommend you to download Bluestacks which is a mobile simulator for Android applications. If you intend to play games directly from your browser we recommend you to download Scatter so that your EOS account can interact with the blockchain and play most games.

Playing from your mobile device

If you prefer playing directly from your mobile phone we recommend you to use one of the wallets which are presented at Step 1.

Step 3 – Start Playing And Make Money

Now you are all done with the setup and can start playing your games using our referral links. By using our referral links you will be eligible for our special promotions, such as cashbacks, giveaways and jackpots! You can find all our games in the top menu: Games, Casino and Poker. Check out our Jackpot promotion where you can win BIG PRIZES by simply playing our eligible games.