Plunge into the 19th century Gold Rush atmosphere from your device! This exciting game of strategy gives players endless opportunities to earn crypto gold by utilizing blockchain technology. Here you can start a business and explore a world teeming with resources there for the taking.

Experience the thrilling life of a Gold miner looking to strike it rich!


Discover the most prosperous plots and have a plethora of opportunities. Extract different resources like coal, iron, clay, wood, stone, and gold. You can mine minerals with bare hands or construct large extraction enterprises – mines and quarries. Process the resources, use them for buildings and production, or sell them to other players.


Construct mines, factories and other industrial buildings on your plots to bring your business to the next level. You will be able to create specific equipment or materials for the Prospectors citizens. Each building upgrade will make more room for the additional workers and give you extra benefits.


Produce different useful assets to use them in your business or sell. Start resources processing to make materials, tools, and vehicles. Every your product is necessary for Prospectors citizens. They need tools for everyday usage, materials for building construction and upgrading, vehicles for transportation. Do your job, success is waiting for you!


Sell everything you mine or produce; buy everything you need. In-game prices are forming as results of free economic relations. You need to keep attention on the most necessary goods you can produce in your enterprise. Then you’ll be able to get the best profit from every deal. Even if you don’t have anything in your possession, you can mine or make something with your bare hands and create your start-up capital.


Collaborate together with other players to reach success. Make your way to the big business less thorny. You can even ask your friends to join your capabilities. In exchange for something else they could help you with cutting wood, producing iron plates or tools. Cooperation like this will make your way to the goal much shorter and way more efficient.


Find your way to make money: search for gold, sell goods, transport stuff, work for other players or plan your own rewarding business. Every idea is excellent when you are having fun. Do your best in any activity, and high profits will wait for you just around the corner. It doesn’t matter whether you spend all your time in search for gold or enjoy baking clay blocks and tile, just put your every effort into the job you love. Good luck!


You can stake your gold (PGL tokens) at any time. The rewards will be divided between all staked PGL, according to the ratio of your staked PGL to the total amount of staked PGL. Settles daily based on your staked ratio. Your portion of the rewards will be credited to your balance and can be claimed at your convenience

Cryptoloots Referral Rewards

By using Cryptoloots as your referrer you will also be eligible for the Progressive Mystery Jackpot. You can trigger the jackpot when:

  • paying tax for sold goods/real estate.
  • paying tax for salary.
  • paying tax for payments.

Note that you don’t have to meet all conditions to trigger the jackpot, simply one is enough and you can try unlimited amount of times. Each time you meet one condition you get a new attempt to trigger the jackpot.

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