dark town

Dark Town


Dark Town a brand new Diablo-like action role playing game with countless of skills, abilities and items. Start the game by customizing your character appearance and choose the path of your Hero. You can focus your stat points on Strenght for a more close-combat play style, Agility for a more versatile approach, Intelligence for maximizing the effect of powerful spells or why not a combination of them all? Explore a great amount of dungeons, defeat bosses or beat other players in PVP!

Game features

Level up and choose between 126 different abilities, find books to learn new skills, craft powerful equipment and a lot more! In the city of Dark Town you can speak to NPCs and start questing to get bonus experience points, gold, items among other things. Visit the town vendors to buy equipment using in-game gold or sell your equipment on the marketplace to earn EOS.

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