Crypto Sword and Magic

Crypto Sword and Magic


Crypto Sword & Magic is a traditional RPG game that raises heroes and challenges new dungeons. Data of all heroes, equipment, and pets are recorded on the blockchain, and the game logic works on the Smart Contract. Even when you are not playing the game, you can always play with others in a mercenary mode.

Heroes and equipments are all yours

All heroes and equipments of Crypto Sword & Magic are on blockchain for true ownership. Also, smart contract will provide users with transparent logic including scarcity of items and probabilities.

Enjoy ‘Party Play’ through mercenary activities

Register my hero for the mercenary market! Even if you are not playing, other people will party together and battle. Rewards are received based on your hero’s contribution from the battle.

Upgrade the equipment

Strengthen and upgrade your equipment with a wide range of features! Stronger equipment improves the ability of the heros. Beat the monster with the upgraded equipment!

Cryptoloots Referral Rewards

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