Cryptoloots official launch! Earn crypto rewards while playing your favorite games

We’re happy to announce that we’ve finally launched! 

We at Cryptoloots are a team that consists of highly experienced people in areas such as professional e-sports gaming, professional poker playing and high stakes casino gambling. Most of us have also worked over 10 years in the online gambling industry focusing on the European market.

We are all very passionate about decentralized blockchain based gambling and gaming and want our players to truly share the benefits such as special promotions, bonuses and referral deals.

Cryptoloots Referral Benefit

The purpose of Cryptoloots is to always make it beneficial for the players to use us as your refferer for any blockchain based game out there. We spend a lot of time to negotiate great deals with all game providers so that we can give back most of our earnings back to the players. We believe that in the world of crypto we should all share our benefits to our communities and we are trying to bring this into the world of blockchain based gaming.

Our first game with special giveaways is game Dark Town created by ITAM games, an RPG game with tradable NFTs. This game will be released very shortly but you can already signup using Cryptoloots as your referrer.

All you have to do is to create an ITAM store account and use our referral code: cryptoloo

By using our referrer code you will get:

  • 250 ITAM tokens when reaching level 15
  • chance to win 1000 ITAM tokens just for signup (random players will be rewarded)
  • eligible for all future ITAM promotions at

We will offer passive rewards to multiple games including some casino and poker games. We will post news, run campaigns, reveal gaming strategies (e.g. how to beat a certain boss/level, how to get this highscore etc.) and much more so stay tuned! We are trying to build a community who are passionate about gaming and who wants to improve their skills and strategies to become WINNING players who earn money playing games.

If you have any questions/tips or like to discuss ideas for our concept that we’re happy to see you in our telegram chat.

Happy farming!

Best, Team Cryptoloots