Lucky Clover


LUCKY CLOVER is a decentralised game which works on EOS blockchain. LUCKY CLOVERs vision is to provide players with a fair platform that has a good gaming experience and shares revenue with players.

After trying a lot of dApps available on the market, we found that many of them are not smooth enough. LUCKY CLOVER will adopt a new architect to provide players with a better experience.

Cost of CPU is a tough problem for EOS dApp players. LUCKY CLOVERs new solution will minimize the players CPU consumption and completely solve this problem.

No registration is required. In a traditional platform, registration, recharge, and withdrawal are cumbersome tasks. While in LUCKY CLOVER, players can directly use their EOS account to play. Easy and safe.

Also, on a traditional platform, players and platforms have obvious conflicts of interest. But in LUCKY CLOVER players can get the platform-issued CLOVER token through playing the game. CLOVER token can be used to get corresponding share of platforms revenue. In this mode, each participant is a platform shareholder, the platform and the players share interest and make a win-win.

House Edge

LUCKY CLOVER offers players an unprecedented high-return game with up to 10,000 times, and house edge is as low as 1.5%.


 You will gain VIP point as you successfully bet in any game subject to representive ratios, e.g. 1 EOS :1 VIP Point in Casino War, or 1:10 in slots/video poker.

 The more VIP points you have, the higher VIP level you have, and the higher cash back ratio of house-edge you will get in each bet.

 VIP points will decline each day at a fixed but different rate according to your VIP level.

Cryptoloots Referral Rewards

Lucky Clover players are eligible for the Progressive Mystery Jackpot. The jackpot can be triggered at random anytime you wager at ANY GAME using ANY TOKEN.

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