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CryptoMania is a blockchain game platform which is transparent, advanced, fair and very
rewarding to players. Our team has been involved with gaming since early 2010 and with
blockchain since late 2014. We love the space and take pride in CryptoMania, which we believe is the next evolution of gaming platforms.

CryptoMania provides a transparent, rewarding and smooth gaming experience across all
internet platform. CryptoMania addresses and solves the problems of both traditional online
gaming platforms and other online cryptocurrency games, including high fees, slow
deposits/withdrawal and lack of trust.


VIP status entitles to an immediate cashback of up to 0.4% on all wagers. The VIP status is calculated and granted/withdrawn on a weekly basis. See website for more details.

Mega Bonus Event

With the completion of each 10 EOS betting round, a Mega Bonus event takes place where a random number is generated to determine if the player wins the Mania Mega Bonus. With minimum odds of winning standing at 1/40 (2.5%) per round, players have at least 10% chance of winning the Mega Bonus in each cycle.

Cryptoloots Referral Rewards

By using Cryptoloots as your referrer you will get:

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