About us

Cryptoloots is a team that consists of highly experienced people in areas such as professional e-sports gaming, professional poker playing and high stakes casino gambling. Most of us have also worked over 10 years in the online gambling industry focusing on the European market.

We are all very passionate about decentralized blockchain based gambling and gaming and want our players to truly share the benefits such as special promotions, bonuses and referral deals.

Cryptoloots Referral Benefits

The purpose of Cryptoloots is to share our revenue with our players. As a player you can always use our referral links to get passive bonuses while you are playing the games of your choice and earn extra cryptocurrency rewards which you wouldn’t get otherwise. By using Cryptoloots as your referrer you can get benefits such as:

  • cashback on your wager (e.g. buying/selling NFTs or casino wager).
  • cryptocurrency giveaway campaigns.
  • enrolled for Cryptoloots Weekly Jackpot.
  • more benefits that will be added in the future.

Being gamers and gamblers since the beginning of 2000 we have experienced countless of casino bonus scams, deceptive terms and conditions and diabolical customer supports. We have a deep understanding of the players perspective and concerns and we are always trying to satisfy the needs in a fair, transparent and honest way. Feel free to join our Telegram channel and share your ideas or send us a PM.